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Sam Ballester

Wednesday 14 de August de 2024 | 21.00h

Església de Santa Maria | 15€

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We could say that flamenco guitarist Sam Ballester is a son of Cadaqués, as he lived there during his childhood and has a very special bond with this wonderful town.

Sam Ballester presents us with a repertoire for flamenco guitar made up of masterpieces of this genre and of course, this year he will offer us a small tribute to master Paco de Luc Rumba Kandela is a Latin rumba group formed by the guitarist and singer-songwriter Omares and the violinist Bruno Millán. His repertoire includes songs composed by Omares over the years, as well as popular rumba and funk songs from around the world. The group has released three singles and plans to release three more this summer. Rumba Kandela is rhythm, it’s music to dance to and it’s also songs to enjoy.

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