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Cia. Watershed. “Filaments”

Friday 30 de August de 2024 | 19.30h

Gimnàs Olivar Sa Conca

Experimental and avant-garde work that aims to make invisible children visible by revealing their true colors.

“The wind pierced the rocks in the Cape of Crosses releasing their spirit and ours.” Watershed will seek to hint at and illuminate the transparent threads that bind us to places, memories and other beings.

This performance is made up of local artists and some guest performers from the Berga convent. It also has artists of international projection.

Filaments is about the threads that connect and disconnect us to memories, memories, places and people. These invisible threads, representative of the underlying structures of nature, become visible in this work, with colors. It is a visual and metaphorical performance of these ties, how we treat them and the interactions we create.

Filaments has a parallel structure to a Greek tragedy (animal characters, elements of nature, gods, goddesses and humans), recognition of bonds, interactions, conflict and redemption or resolution.

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